Who are Caleb and Gordon?
Caleb handles most of the web and social stuff, videos, and acts as “the absurd one” as situations demand. Of course, he gets to choose those situations, which makes his status as the absurd one not quite absurd, does it? He could just as easily be called the creepy one, the self-depricating one, and the ugly one. Caleb is a recovering fiction author with several books to his name. Stalk him at calebjross.com.

Gordon has been a full-time video director for 20 years, as well as author and musician. We often record the podcast in his studio because it’s a frickin’ sweet rig. G grew up as an only child and remains single. His personality profile is INTJ (like Sartre and Tesla, but also Zuckerberg and the Unabomber), which explains his ridiculous worldview expressed on the show. Stalk Gordon at: gordonhighland.com.

Why should I care what you guys think?
You shouldn’t; we certainly don’t. Our lack of celebrity or expertise means the topics themselves remain the focus. We strive to present all sides of an argument, often taking a devil’s advocate stance in the interest of fairness and irreverence. To keep things entertaining, we speculate widely with extreme examples on the topical fringes. We give air to minority and controversial points-of-view, feigning empathy and ridicule in equal measure.

When do episodes post?
Weekly on Tuesday mornings. During periods when life’s buggery interferes, we may scale back this schedule. Just subscribe using your favorite podcatcher and don’t worry about it.

Why are they so short?
Because we respect listeners’ time. Twenty minutes is less than the average commute, or your parole officer’s response time to your ankle monitor. It’s also an excellent playlist for lovemaking, suggested another convict. We keep things tight, and our many rambles brief, fortifying each episode with nutritional goodness.

How is the podcast created?
Your hosts live a few miles apart. However, we’re also exceedingly lazy, so sometimes we Skype, record ourselves individually, and combine them during editing. But we do most episodes in the same room (as pictured above) for more natural interaction, the requisite wincing and eye-rolls punctuating one other’s commentary. Gordon edits most of the audio eps. Caleb shoots and edits the videos.

Where do you get your research?
The Google, personal experience, taverns, hearsay, and boundless imagination.

Where can I buy the products and services advertised?
Products are available wherever fine back-alley merchandise is sold.

Can I be a guest?
Probably not at the moment, though we do topical collaborations with other podcasts (contact us if you are interested). Maybe down the road we’ll open the door to golden-throated opiners. We encourage listener feedback, however, hoping these episodes are a springboard to discussion, and make an effort to follow up on air. Contact us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ with your pertinent feedbackery.

I love your work. What’s the best way to support you?
Thank you. We love your love. The best way to support us at this time is to SUBSCRIBE & LISTEN. Following us on the various social outlets helps a lot, too. But the best thing you can do is tell a friend or acquaintance about us. Seriously, I know that sounds like a stupid boilerplate response, but I assure you [insert listener name here] that sharing is caring.

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