Sometimes, we don’t feel enough damage is done when we only pay attention to your ear holes. “What about their eye holes?” Gordon asked Caleb. “Of course,” Caleb responded. “We should stick speakers in those, too.” “No, no,” said Gordon. “We should make videos so they have to look at us.” “Genius,” said Caleb. And thus is the legend of the time Caleb called Gordon a genius.

Fact or Fiction? Ah, see that is the magic of a child’s imagination.

We don’t record video very often. But when we do, you can find the episodes in full on this page (or in the episode’s respective post).


    If you are looking for all of our episodes with video, the half-assed still-frame-with-audio versions at Caleb’s YouTube channel will have to suffice. If that doesn’t do it for you, tap into that child imagination you seem so keen on.

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